Do Your Job!

Can the mainstream media please stop focusing on Trump’s outrageous and slanderous weekend tweets and the effect they’re having on our nation and its reputation? We GET it! He’s angry, he’s scared, he’s living within his own reality and Trump’s latest tantrum clarifies the fact that he’s unfit to be the President. Unfortunately, this comes as no surprise to the Americans who are plugged in and have been watching the madness unfold since Inauguration Day.

It’s a new week. At the moment, I’m concerned with #45’s lack of a strategic foreign policy, both diplomatic and militarily, given the fact that Korea is repeatedly flaunting it’s nuclear capabilities. His administration has no policy, at least not one they’ve shared with Congress or the American people. All we know is that Trump’s budget amendments include a drastic increase in defense spending with a major cut in funds for the State Department. Our Leader is focused on Steve Bannon’s playbook and is vigorously signing executive orders that deny civil liberties and destroy human rights. He’s profiling and punishing Muslims and Mexicans. He’s creating optics to sculpt a benevolent image, when the truth is he’s only concerned about himself and his agenda. He’s jeopardizing the available of affordable healthcare for not just women (Don’t get me started…), but for all American’s that depend on it. He’s slashing the budget and encouraging the destruction of the planet. And those are just the glaring highlights! The systematic deconstruction of the United States government is happening at a dizzying and distressing pace.

We, the people, have called and written our representatives and asked for an investigation into Trump and his team’s involvement with Russia, both during his campaign and currently. We’ve called and written our representatives and demanded Trump’s taxes be released. We’ve identified the issues that concern us and we’ve signed petitions, marched through the streets and held general strikes, like this week’s “Day Without Women.” We’re on it, as much as we can be, but the voices of private American citizens shouldn’t be the only ones heard.

Where are the elected Republicans who will place the United States above their agenda? Where are the elected Republicans who have heard Americans at town hall meetings and will represent their constituents via legislation? Where are the elected Republicans who are aware of the frightening reality we’re living through? Where are the elected Republicans who aren’t “afraid of” the bully President? Donald Trump is unfit to be the President and elected officials have the responsibility to act on our behalf. Democrats AND Republicans, DO YOUR JOB!


There has been no shortage of cringe-worthy moments on display since Donald Trump began his reign in January. It’s only natural, considering the current administration is big on optics and short on substance. It’s inevitable, when photo ops are used to paint a picture of a benevolent leader, a fairy tale that insults the intelligence of the American people. It’s embarrassing, every time #45 opens his mouth and destroys the image his people are trying to construct. And it’s infuriating, because this is the American president!

The brand-builder-in-chief is surrounded by people who indulge him, like the nannies of a spoiled child whose messes they’ll gladly clean up. Trump was their ticket into the White House, where they can plump up their resumes, feed their own egos and, in the case of Steve Bannon, carry out their own agendas simply by whispering compliments into their boss’s ear. While this dynamic isn’t new to the world of politics, the blatant lying that is commonplace within the Trump administration is. We’re now used to “alternative facts,” a phrase coined by Kellyanne Conway, who caused a stir recently when she gave a “free commercial” for Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. (All was swiftly forgiven, since conflict of interest is a cornerstone of the current administration.)

Kellyanne is back in the news, this time thanks to photos of her that are trending on social media.┬áMaybe no one will scold Donald Trump, but after seeing these photos, I have a few words for Kellyanne. I’m usually quite tolerant of harmless behavior and am by no means a flaming United States patriot, but for some reason, these pictures set me off. Maybe it’s the straw that broke the camel’s back; like many Americans, I’m processing anger and disillusionment on a daily basis. I’ve added an evening session of meditation to my schedule, in order to safeguard my sanity! Obviously, there are many more important issues that deserve attention and they certainly have mine. So, please, give me a few minutes with Ms. Conway and I’ll move on.

You’re now a member of the Trump administration, Kellyanne, in a role that keeps you close to the President. Pictures will be snapped and your conduct will be on display. You have the privilege of working in the White House, the home to your President’s predecessors. This beautiful and historic building has stood proudly throughout history and it’s residents have hosted great leaders, thinkers, artists and heroes, from not only America, but from around the word. Within these walls, important legislation has been signed into law, critical decisions have been made and the integrity and intelligence of every president has been tested.

Perhaps the significance of the West Wing hasn’t eluded you, Kellyanne, but you need a reminder. The White House isn’t one of your boss’s hotels, where you can romp through the halls and play in the elevators to your heart’s content, like Eloise at the Plaza. The photos currently making the rounds capture an event that honored the distinguished men and women who preside over our country’s African American universities. During the proceedings, you’re casually hanging out on a sofa in a less than graceful position, snapping cell phone photos and looking like a teenager on “Take Your Daughter to Work” day.

To be fair, your boss hasn’t exactly been an stellar role model. The somber significance of the “Wall of Stars” completely eluded the President and cameras captured a man more focused on the size of the crowds he drew, instead of the sacred space where he stood. As I look at these images and the conduct they illustrate, one thing is clear. You and the Trump administration have disrespected the spaces you inhabit and, frankly, it disturbs me.