A couple of weeks ago, I traveled home to visit my family and friends. It was my final “Victory Lap” before I return to work and lose the freedom to get out-of-town whenever I please. (It was BIG fun; I’ll share more about my trip at a later date.)

My last stop was my daughter’s place in NYC. Somehow, during the four-hour trek from Manhattan to Massachusetts, I injured my right arm from my “frozen” shoulder down to my fingertips. With time, there’s been some improvement, but I’ve reached a plateau. Yesterday, I finally said “Uncle” and called an orthopedist. I also emailed a “Therapeutic Yoga” practitioner I learned about recently; her husband happened to overhear me complaining that I was unable to accomplish anything but “Child’s Pose,” as he was measuring my apartment windows for new screens. (Ah, blessed be serendipity!) And after a wee bit of research, I visited and ordered a highly rated wrist band and a jar of the all-natural miracle potion that I’d brought to my mother. (It’s worked wonders on her badly sprained elbow.)

Unfortunately, what aggravates my wrist injury more than anything is typing. I’m using one finger on my left hand to write this, and it’s a very slow process. So, for now, I’m on the “injured” list. I hope I’ll be back to regular blogging soon. Also, I’m sorry that I’m unable to thank those of you who are now “following” me. At least I’m still able to read; I enjoy the wonderful array of writers here at the WordPress community. See you in my “Reader!” Be well!

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  1. Willy Nilly
    Apr 18, 2014 @ 02:49:09

    One finger typing works well with an iPad or iPhone. There isn’t much room for two fingers. Get well soon and back to power bloggin’ with gusto 🙂


    • Laura
      Apr 18, 2014 @ 11:17:10

      Willy Nilly,
      First of all, thank you for following me! It means the world to me that you’ve added my blog to the others you’ve chosen for your Reader.

      You’re absolutely right! I’m typing on an iPad. On Christmas 2012, I wasn’t feeling well enough to travel home and join my family, so my daughter Claire came to me. She handed one gift to me with a special flourish. I worked my way from the bright red bow to the tissue-wrapped rectangle and my hands literally started shaking as I heard myself saying, “Oh, my God…Oh, my God…” until I finally saw the iPad. My mother, sister and daughter had chipped in and gotten me this special gift. I asked Claire to dial my sister’s home number, where I knew she’d be sharing Christmas morning with her two children as well as my mom. I don’t know if they were more pleased with my joy-filled reaction to the iPad or the fact that they’d managed to keep me completely in the dark! (Secret-keeping is no small task for the women in my family!)

      Little did they know how attached I’d become to my tablet. A month later I was diagnosed with cancer and, looking back, I can’t imagine those months without the connection to the outside world my iPad provided. (I also have a laptop computer, but its weight and bulkiness would have made using it at home and in the hospital impossible.)

      Well, I tired out my favorite finger on my left hand, but it’s been a pleasure. Thanks again, WN, for wishing me well and starting my day with your smile.

      Happy Friday!


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